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Ok, I feel like I'm having a really dumb moment here. Can someone please help me. I hope my diagrams make sense.

This is the current setup: ------=cable >>>=wireless

[PC]----------[Modem/Router/Wirless] >>> [Laptop w/ Wireless]

I want to add another PC to this group, however its not in a place where I can easilly run a cable line to the original router/pc without looking really messy & horrible & having wires running across doorways. (Its not my house)

If I was to hook up my Netgear Wireless Modem Router to this additional PC would this work?

So the new setup would look something like:

[PC]----------[Modem/Router/Wireless] >>> [Laptop Wireless] >>> [Modem/Router/Wireless]----[Additional PC]

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  1. I tried to make sense of the diagrams, but Jack Daniels won out.

    Cable >>>> wireless router <<<< wireless pc

    wireless router <<<< wired pc

    wireless router <<<< wireless bridge <<<< wired pc

    Does your router support bridge mode?
    Google DD-WRT and see if one of your routers is capable of running as a bridge with the software.
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