Sapphire or HIS for 4870 1GB??

Hi, Im having hard time choosing which brand to go
Sapphire or HIS for 4870 1GB
this is my first time buying ATI card, so I never had any experience with them.

or theres a better brand's 4870 to go with
Any suggestions?

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  1. I have the Powercolor 4870 1gb card and am very happy...factor overclock, much better cooler...
  2. i hvn't heard anything negative about either of those 2 brands.... check if the both have lifetime warranty, see if one has better clocks then other, compare cooling.... and read the reviews of course
  3. I'm with japps2, I ended up picking up the PowerColor PPH 1GB and the fact it runs idle in low 40's and full load in high 50's is really nice. No worries about spilling out to much heat.
  4. The HIS 4870 1GB - - has a 100% rear exhaust cooling solution, and won't polute the inside of your case with it's heat, which is a very important consideration if you're trying to keep an overclocked CPU nice and cool.
  5. I have sapphire 4870 1gb and it's good. It also has rear exhaust but one a disadvantage I noticed is I'm not able to OC. It seems like even if I unlock the OC'ing thingy in CCC (and not change anything) I get artifacts so I would not recommend it.
  6. Unlike the HIS 4870 1GB, the Saphire 4870 1GB - - actually has a split cooling solution, where 50% of the heat is exhausted from the rear of the case, and the remaining 50% of the heat is recirculated back into the case from the front end of the card.
  7. I've actually heard nothing good about sapphire's cards. I would go with HIS if I were you.... VisionTek (or ATi, the actual house brand, although I don't think ATi manufactures its own cards anymore...) are the best brands. VisionTek is the only one that has a lifetime warranty on it I think, and they have good customer service.
  8. That HIS is just the stock AMD cooler. Who knows, it may be the best (I also like full exhaust coolers) but I sure hope the other manufacturers didn't waste time making inferior coolers.
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