Get the build without accessories or wait for like a year to get them?

Okay i am on a budget and wont be able to spend anymore money on my computer for a while after i buy it. Which means i can build a high end gaming rig and use my same ol non gaming mouse-17" monitor and keyboard or get a new build and a better mouse keyboard and monitor. Its a hard choice VERY hard here are the two builds.

THis one comes with a monitor/mouse/and keyboard

and here is the one without

i dont plan on playing anything heavy maybe crysis but mainly WoW-and WAR and maybe call of duty but i already ahve a 360 so yea..
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  1. i also had the same if your happy with your current monitor get the build without it. If you arent get the build with it. Cuz warhammer online doesnt require THAT good of a video card...
  2. well, if you wait a year, you'd be getting wayyy better products and wayy better prices... hell, you might only have to wait like 6 months before you can fit all the good stuff in your budget

    but waiting is the issue hmm? im gonna say just get everything, cause next year you'll be having the same problem... you can get a 19" acer instead of that 22" samsung, and you'll be saving $100

    and do yourself a favor and look at the deals man... combo deals=lots of money saved, your build might change a little, but you won't regret it... just look for deals
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