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I have installed all components and made all but 1 PSU connection. Waiting for confirmation from another Thread I made before plugging in the last plug.

Anyway, I am guessing once all connections are made then I am ready to power up.

Once that happens I honestly have no idea what to expect. I am guessing I would have to start uploading software, drivers, etc.

I have 3 items, Vista64 OS, a Mobo Chipset Support DVD(???), a Video Card installation driver.

So that I am not taking one baby step at a time in getting things up and running does some have a tutorial site or link that I can reference. I have a friend who is a Network Engineer but I don't want to ask him for help until absolutely necessary. I want to do as much hands on by myself as possible.
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  1. im still kinda newbie, but I've built a few systems. You cant load drivers until you have your OS up. So you are going to have to install Vista first, then I usually install MB drivers, then video, then virus software.
  2. Thanks. I just found some good "youtubes" on installing Vista. I'll do the motherboard after, then the graphic card.

    This is my first build and so far no major issues. Hope none come up once I turn the power on :non:
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