Worth upgrading from 9800gtx (not the "+" model) to gtx260 core 216?

MY cousin bought an EVGA Core216 on eBay when Live cashback was at 30%, plus a $30 rebate. I can pick it up for $175. Is it worth it?

I use a 22" 1680x1050 LCD, Q8200 @ 3ghz (xigmetek s1283), Gigabyte UD3p and 8gb Ballistix ram. I'm sure I can push my CPU further as I just posted at tweaktown for help and the Gigabyte forum mod gave me a bunch of numbers that I just plugged them into my BIOS and it's stable and cool.

The other thing is I don't think my Corsair 450vx is enough, as I also have 3x hard disks and 2x DVD burners.

I did sell an EVGA 9600gt SSC on craigslist for $90 a month or so back (I payed $65 for it), what do you think I can get for an EVGA 9800gtx with box/manuals/etc.? How about the 450vx with original box? Together or separate?
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  1. If you're unhappy with your 9800GTX then go ahead as it will be a noticeable upgrade. Of course if you are happy with your 9800GTX then the 260 isn't really going to do much more for you. It's just up to you.
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