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im using a Coolermaster HAF 932 case with my i7 system. i have a P6T deluxe mobo whcih has all the fans connected to it,ive read that the fans are rated to 15oorpm but they seem to be going only 700 in the bios is there any way to change this as i think the comp is running hooter than it should.

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  1. I have the CM HAF 932. The three large 230mm fans are low speed fans but they move quite a bit of air due to their large size. You cannot increase the speed of those three fans.

    Are those the fans you are referring to or are you referring to the exhaust fan on the rear panel or perhaps a cpu heatsink fan? What makes you think you computer is running hot? Did you run some sort of utility to measure cpu and core temperatures? What is your ambient room temperature?
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