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Hey All,

I'm hoping somebody can give me some advice regarding the best way of getting my GFX card replaced.

I have an Inno3d 8800gt that locks up randomly (it locks up my computer, only option is to hit the restart button). Sometimes I will go for a week without it locking up, sometimes it will lock up 3 times in an hour. This started happening shortly after I purchased it, I didn't return it because I thought it was an issue with another component in my computer (I only had a 400w PSU at the time).

At first I thought it could be a component overheating, so I installed Rivatuner/Speedfan to monitor the temperatures and the graphic card was stable around 60 degrees Celsius (140 degrees Fahrenheit I think). CPU was stable at 40 degrees and all other components were fine.

To ensure it was not an issue with another component in my system I tried it in a friends computer, which is pretty much brand new, which has exactly the same card as mine. After a few days of using the GFX card his computer locked up (I am still using his GFX card and have had no lockups in the past 2 weeks).

This is definitely not a PSU issue as my computer as a Corsair HX520, his has an HX620.

Now the problem I have is that the card is a few months old (so still under warranty) but the company I bought it from are going to test it before sending it back to the vendor. I have explained to them all the testing I have done but they will still test it themselves, if they don't find a fault they will charge me $60.

Any recommendations on what I should do? I would rather not pay $60 for repairs on a card that only costs ~$200 now.
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  1. nope, let em test it and give you a new one. unless they are dishonest and fake a reason to say theres nothing wrong with it and make u pay the $60..
  2. What kind of company has that kind of policy. Paying for shipping is one thing, but 60 bucks to test it and maybe return it to the vendor. I would contact the vendor directly if it is still under warranty. If they don't honor their warranty you have learned which company and business not to purchase from in the future.
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