Low profile side-blowing CPU cooler?


I am planning a new system build using Lian-Li's small PC-V351 case (so I can put it on my desk) with an i7-930 processor. All the CPU coolers I have found (as well as the stock cooler) that are short enough to fit in the case blow air downwards, which would be in direct opposition to the PSU fan and I would prefer all the air to be moving from the front to the rear. I can't get a massive tower cooler because it won't fit, so does anyone know of a decent side-blowing CPU cooler that is not taller than about 11.5cm (I read a case review that said this was the maximum cooler height)?

Also I am in the UK so I will need it to be available here.

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  1. Here is a link to a web site with useful information and technical reviews of low profile cpu heatsinks:

  2. I think this would be your best bet.

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