Computer Freezes/Unfreezes every 7 seconds

Hi all. This is my first post so let me know if I need to specify in further detail.

My computer goes through intervals of freezing and unfreezing. Once this happens, the computer will run its processes normally for about 7 seconds and then freeze for a second and then resume for another 7 seconds before freezing again. There is no relation b/w the freezing episodes and computer intensive tasks. It will happen when I am gaming or when I am watching a video or something. Problem stops temporarily after reboot.

Here are my specs:
Intel core 2 duo e8400 proc
Gigabyte ds3l ep35 lga 775 mobo
2x2gb 800mhz PC6400 Crucial DDR2 ram
1 TB Deskstar 7K1000 7200 RPM 32MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s
Sapphire radeon hd4850
Zalman 9700
HEC 585 watt psu
Airlink wireless PCI adapter
Antec 300 case
XP Pro SP3 32-bit

I have ran the 3D mark 06 test for the VC and memtest for the RAM and both have checked out. I've cleaned the registry and defragged the HD. I have also updated my drivers for the wireless adapter, the VC and the motherboard.

I believe either the non brand name PSU or a faulty open box mobo to be the cause. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks!
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  1. Look in control panel/system/hardware/device manager are there any flags?
  2. Download and install Process Explorer v11.21. Click on the CPU header to sort by CPU load and see if there is something that is loading the CPU every 7 sec.
  3. Sounds like a virus or s/ware related rather than h/ware.

    Or its the milennuim bug. Put the spray on it!
  4. Check Task Manager - look at what is consuming more than 50% of your CPU
  5. Zecow said:
    Check Task Manager - look at what is consuming more than 50% of your CPU
    Sysinternals Process Explorer is Task Manager Process Explorer on steroids.
  6. If it were software or virus related, with a clean install of windows will the problem go away?
    p.s. I am downloading the process explorer as I type
  7. Yes it will. If you decide to reload Windows I would down load Download Ultimate Boot CD and run Active@Kill Disk just for fun. You will need to burn the ISO to CD with ISO Recorder v2 or other ISO burning software.

    A way to be sure is to download a bootable copy of Kubuntu and see if the problem remains.

    It probably isn't a virus and is probably fixable without a reload, assuming Process Explorer shows something.
  8. I wonder what the results were?
  9. ok good call on dl-ing process explorer
    it picked up on the swells in the CPU usage in one of the cores
    heres the print screen:
    however i believe i isolated the problem
    the problem stopped as soon as i disabled and reenabled my cheap $10 airlink wireless adapter
    so the solution would be to buy another adapter?
  10. Yes, the solution would be to buy a Linksys adapter.

    I actually had that thought flash through my mind for a split second. I never buy ultra cheap wifi cards/USBs they create too many problems. I'm assuming that you pulled the card/USB wireless and the deferred procedure call usage went away. The DPC is consistent with an interrupt conflict, although Process Explorer will also pick them up directly and the process explorer in task manager won't.

    That's why I told you to download the Sysinternals Process Explorer. The one in task manager misses those types of things. It may or may not have missed DPC, I don't know for sure, but keep Sysinternals handy.
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