My hard drive running each second even I am not doing any thing!

Hello freinds

I have bought new PC with details as below:

Main Board: GIGABYTE EP43T.

CPU: INTEL E7500 2.9 GHz core 2.Duo

HDD: seagate 1T barracuda 7200.12

RAM: Transcend 2 G DDR2

POWER: 380w


DVD-ROM: pioneer

Unfortunately, after installing win XP 32bit SP3 , my hard drive Running even when I'm not doing anything. it has period about 1 second . I mean each 1 second HDD's light turn on and I can hear a very little voice from HARD.I changed my hard drive , but didn’t effect. New one has the same problem.

I surfed on the net and found that many people have same problem, but there is no solution for it. I did all of suggestions like disable search index, disconnect DVDROM , and virus scan with up to dated NOD 32 (although it wasn’t necessary because I have installed windows only) but problem is still exist.

what should I do?


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  1. :((( I upgraded to win7 , but problem still exist.
    My HDD is working all the time.
  2. Normal operation. With all the things that are on computers you will have drive activity most of the time. If it's only a flash and not constant I wouldn't worry about it.
  3. thanks sturm. so why other PC's dont behave like that? I have an old celeron 600 PC and dell inspiron , but none of them arent like this one.
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