Moving programs prior to reformatting C drive

Since putting windows 7 on my main pc, I've had nothing but problems. Mainly to do with programs that I use to print. This can be from a plain letter in ms office, to printing a photo.

I've decided since trying everything I know how to do, that the less stressy way of doing it is to just reformat my c: drive, install vista again (I had no problems at all on this os)

But I would like to simply move programs I use onto an external drive, reformat the c drive, then move the programs back into the cleaned, easier to use vista.

Any help/ideas would be greatly appreciated

From a severely frustrated woman!!!
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  1. Most programs these days must be reinstalled due to added files in the windows directory, My Documents directory, etc... Some older programs might work by moving the directory but not many.

    On your printing problem I am assuming you were using the win 7 drivers for your printer?
  2. Hi

    Yes, I am, but even getting drivers from the epson installation disc hasn't helped.
  3. Newest drivers off the web not help either?
  4. nope........... not a bit.

    I've had a couple of people who said they know about pc's have a look and neither of them could get it to work.

    The only thing I can think is that its not compatable with windows 7 as on vista and xp I had no trouble with it at all. It's taking around 8 minutes to send a document to the printer........... once it finally starts printing its fine, it's the sending it is the problem.

    It's doing my head in big time ;<
  5. I've alot of applications set up programs ........... if I move the whole application and re-install it only when I move it back into the reformatted drive, will that work for most?
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