Moving VISTA from ide hdd to sata hdd

Hi, can you move everything from a ide hdd to a sata hdd, and have windows run from the sata drive?
I know i could do a fresh install but that's alot of bother.
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  1. You will need software to do the job, like Acronis True Image (my choice) to migrate the data to the new drive. If it's a WD drive you can get WD version of Acronis from their website for free.
    If retaining the old drive you will need to change the order in bios for first HDD to boot from afterwards. Otherwise it shouldn't be a problem.
    Remember to backup any important files to external source to be safe.
  2. After alot of searching and reading i finally got my Vista onto the sata hdd and i'm able to run it OK.
    I tried cloning, that didn't work.
    The program i used was EASEUS partition master.
    I was able to partition the sata drive and create a primary partition at the start and make it active. Removed the old ide hdd and set bios to look in the sata drive for Vista.
    I did have to fresh install after all, but it's all working nice and fast now.
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