Very Frustrating Problem, Need Help.

Hello, I need help with this before I throw my brand new wireless router against a wall out of frustration.

I recently bought a new TrendNet Wireless N adapter for my pc. I then bought a matching TrendNet wireless N router. I set it up from a different computer in my house, one with an Ethernet connection. I followed all the steps in the setup wizard, set up the encryption, double checked in the manual. And it works fine on the two computers in my house with ethernet connections. However, my pc that is connected via wireless (trendnet wireless N adapter) is experiencing issues. I can easily connect to the router, and it then connects to the internet. I get great connection for about 5 minutes, and then it stops working. I get no indication of problems from my router or my card. The icon on the taskbar still shows me connected, but I cannot even load a web page. Then it randomly starts working again after maybe 5-10 minutes. Then the process repeats itself over and over. I have checked the connection between the router and modem, and the modem to the cable jack. Let me reiterate the fact that only the wireless connection is experiencing issues.

I cannot figure out why this is happening. Please help.
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  1. Hvae you tried using the wirless adapter in another PC?

    Sounds like a RMA job to me
  2. a lot of people here seem to have problems with that adapter. They are real cheap, try a different brand.
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