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I have a Palit 4670 on an Asus P5KPL AM. I have a 22 inch LG TFT monitor running off the video card. I also have an old 19 inch CRT monitor that I would like to set up as a second monitor.

How would I do this?

Thanks for any replies

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  1. Plug in the second monitor.
    If needed, use a VGA => DVI adaptor (should be included with the card).
    Go to the CCC and enable it.
  2. Close but not quite right and way to expensive anyways.
    You have the genders wrong on both sides of the adaptor.
    Here is one that will work for £2.63.
  3. Here is one for even less.

    Just watch the shipping cost if you want the best price.
  4. Thank you!
  5. Before you purchase anything, check your card for the proper output.
    A little digging shows that Palit's 4670 cards have DVI, VGA, HDMI and Display Port connectors onboard.

    As such, you should not require an adaptor.
  6. I already have the tft plugged into the VGA on the card. I want to add my old crt monitor (which has the vga cable already on it) for a dual monitor setup.

    I was wondering about the possibility of plugging the crt into the onboard intel g31 video to maximise performance of the Palit (ie only have the tft on the Palit rather than 2 monitors)
  7. Running 2 monitors on 1 card will not hurt the cards performance.
    By the way, I have never bought a Palit card, but every other card I have bought came with a least 1, and sometimes 2 VGA adpaters in the box.
  8. If your card is like the picture outlw6669 posted, then I suggest you look for a DVI cable for your LCD and plug the CRT in the VGA port.
  9. Yeah, you should not loose anything performance wise by using both on the 4670.
    Worst case, you can quickly disable the second display through the CCC.
    Using your LCD with the DVI output should give you an IQ increase also...
  10. Thanks for the help, I've got the adaptor outlw6669 suggested coming soon in the post. Its possible I might have to get an extension to the CRT VGA as well, I'll see how it goes but I think I'll have a dual monitor setup pretty soon.

    Originally tried selling the CRT for £20 but nobody wanted it. Its retro!
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