Need help in RAM configuration.


My current config is

Intel D805 proccy @ 2.66Ghz
Intel 945 GNT oem mobo
Nvidia 6200
1Gb + 512 MB ram in single channel
Win XP 32 bit SP2

I plan on buying new ram stick(s). Ive got 4 ram slots out of which 2 are occupied with 1GB + 512 MB. What would be better, Dual channel (new 1GB + 512 MB in the two remaining slots) or single channel (new 1+ 1GB sticks in the two remaining slots)?

Are there any significant performance gains in dual channel? What will happen if i put sticks of different timings and clock speed in dual channel (like 512 (DDR2 533) + 512 (DDR2 633)? Will it run?

So, what should i buy, 1GB +512 MB or 1GB + 1 GB (my total memory cant go beyond 4GB)?

Also plz tell any tips on what to look out for while buying ram. How do i judge while buying which one performs better?

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  1. Yes, you could add another 1 gig and 512 gig to get dual channel.
    Buy memory that is the same timings, voltage, speed, and preferably the same make of what you have already.
  2. what if timings and speeds are different? Will the other ram automatically downgrade itself?
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