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I'm running my 920 at 3.8 (19x200) on 1.18 vcore and 1.2 qpi. OCCT temps stay between 68-72c. I've tried for 4ghz a coupe times, but never got it stable without a huge voltage bump, so I focused on 3.8 and lowering my voltage. I keep wanting to get more speed out of this chip, but it feels like the voltage difference is too much for another 200mhz. Should I just call it good at this point?
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  1. Most of the 920 D0s I've played with require at least 1.30v to run 200x20 100% stable. If you're already looking at 70C @1.18v you'll probably want better cooling before you go much higher.

    Should you call it good? Probably, unless you feel the speed is lacking. 4ghz is a "magic" number that everyone likes to see, but it takes good cooling, more power, and makes more heat.
  2. um.....i would try saving these stable settings in your profile for now and focus on ur FSB speeds...200 seems a bit stock and you would probably want to change it
  3. Stock is 133, if I raise it any I have to lower my RAM a lot, would that really be worth it?
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