Need help restoring Raid 0

I had a problem with my Windows 7 pc which was made worse by a mistake on my part. First, spec's on the pc:

OS: Widows 7 64bit Home Ed.
Raid: 2x WD 500GB Black Sata II

To nutshell this I had a BSOD that resulted in windows not booting after POST. No error message, just not starting. So after the auto utilities from the Windows disc didn't fix the problem I went to doing searches on the net. I figured the problem was the MBR since there was no attempt to boot windows from the Raid Array. Well I found one explanation on using bootsect from the Windows disc at the command prompt.

This was obviously a mistake because it broke the Raid. My BIOS now sees all the Sata drives instead of the Raid Controller.

I haven't done anything else beyond the <Bootsect /NT60 ALL> command. Format and reload is an absolute last resort so please don't go there. I'm looking for a solution to repair the Raid and save my existing data.

Thanks in advance!!
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    You should not have written to your physical disks; as the recovery console does not have RAID drivers to access the virtual RAID volume instead of the physical disks.

    I can try Ubuntu Linux recovery with you, but any significant damage would prevent you access to the files. Still it is worth a shot and not all that difficult:

    - go to download latest desktop .iso
    - go to your BIOS and set SATA transfer mode to AHCI instead of the current RAID mode.
    - burn the .iso and boot from it - Ubuntu should boot and you should see Ubuntu desktop
    - click Places menu, click Home folder. Now on the left side you should see "... GB Filesystem" entries. Click on those.
    - if all went well, you can see your files appearing right now; if that is true your data is still there are you can copy over the network

    This procedure is safe as its read-only; the Ubuntu cd is a livecd that does not require installation of any kind.

    If it didn't work, please open a terminal (applications->accessories) and attach the output of following commands:
    ls -l /dev/sd*
    dmesg | grep GiB
    ls -l /dev/md*
  2. Thank you Sub Mesa. I'd never used ubuntu before but it did successfully see the data, everything is intact.

    However, in going thru this process I discovered that somehow after performing the Bootsect command the SATA transfer mode had been changed in the BIOS, which is why the system was no longer seeing the RAID. After changing this back to RAID it appears that I am back to the point of my original problem. I've created a separate thread in the Win 7 forums about that issue. If you'd like you can find it here:
  3. Your HDDs may have a bad sector.

    Under Ubuntu, open a terminal by clicking Applications->Accessories->Terminal. Enter the following:

    sudo apt-get install smartmontools

    sudo smartctl -a /dev/sda

    replace /dev/sda by the names of your disks. Look for the values Current Pending Sector and UDMA Error Count. If these are not zero, you have problems. If they are zero, everything should be okay.
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