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A funny problem

Something funny i came across today.
I use a Razer arctosa and DeathAdder 3500dpi.
mobo is an Asus P7P55D Deluxe

Here is the funny thing, before I had my Razer stuff i just used the normal piece of plastic and the mouse i had kept waking the computer from sleep every time I bump into the table or slightly touch it. I got rid of the mouse and got a deathadder which pretty much solved the problem because it shuts off when the computer goes to standby and nothing happens when i click or move it.
Then after some time my keyboard died and I just got my arctosa today.
I put the comp to sleep only to find 5 mins later i can't wake it from sleep...i know my mouse shuts off but i didn't think the keyboard would shut off too :o any fix or ideas?

I'm using my laptop btw
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    Go to device manager for the keyboard, go to Properties, Details, in the drop-down go to Power Capabilities. Is "WAKE_FROM_ xxx" showing up there?
  2. Oh thanks i checked the box with the allow this to wake computer from sleep :wahoo:
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