How to tell if external hard drive is dead

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  1. my external hard disk is not detecting ...when i connect to computer initially the small vibrations come after that it will stop..can you suggest any solution for this
  2. sounds like it died.
  3. Is this a unit that was working earlier but has stopped? Or, is this a brand new empty drive you just got? Brand new empty drives need to have Partitions created and Formatted before use. If that's your situation, we can advise how.
  4. Are you sure its getting enough power? May be a defective power supply which fails to deliver enough juice for the drive to spin up. Not sure if its a 2.5' USB powered or a 3.5' with an external power source?

    If the psu is good and you put your hand or ear on the drive when you connect it to the pc, do you hear the disk spinning?
  5. Hi I am in the same situation. When i plug it up it spins for a second like its going to power up and then stops. Its picking up in disk management, but is showing as not initiated. I have very important information on it. I thought it was the external drive, took out the hard drive and put it in a PC, but it didn't show up in my computer. If i remove the actual hard drive from the power pack, the power pack lights up like it's suppose to.
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