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Hello Forum, 3rd week in overclocking I noticed that when I overclocked my CORE SPEED and QPI LINK were locked at over clock speed. I seem to have the Core Speed back to auto adjusting (problem that i dont know how i did it & question 2*) from 3.6Ghz down to 2.1Ghz. My QPI Link is still sky high as you will see in my picture.

QUESTION 1- What is the setting that makes the CORE SPEED auto adjust ??
QUESTION 2 - What is the setting that makes the QPI LINK auto adjust ??
If you have any other reccomendations I would be happy to hear !
BTW Im useing a ASUS P6T SE Mobo / Intel Core I7 920. :bounce:
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  1. Answer to question 1 is Speedstep Feature.
    QUESTION 2 ? is it even a valid question ??
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    Your QPI isn't too bad, its the same as the Intel 965EE standard setting.
    In my BIOS, I have a QPI Link Speed option, and I select it in MTs, e.g. 6.4GTs = 6400MTs = 3200Mhz.
    It might also be called QPI Multiplier.

    Also I like to leave Speedstep on, my machine spends a lot of time doing almost nothing, so it's nice to give the processor a bit of a breather and save some power.
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  4. Thanks for your help!
    Same as I7 965 that seems perfect ! I swear I though the QPI was also auto adjusting along with the core speed before.
    Im going to check for those options in my Bios so I can have control over my QPI. However I may leave it alone because it sounds safe.
    I also need to check into updating my Bios on Mobo. I'm not sure if its current. Do you know how to check if Mobo Bios is current ?
    I changed the bios on My 5850 so I can Overclock Via Catalyst and just use afterburner for Voltage and fan control(this allows the GPU and Memory to Auto Adjust). Have you done that ? Its sweeet.

    P6T SE - I7 920 @ 3.6 (super cool and stable)
    XFX HD 5850 - GPU@850Mhz / Memory@1150Mhz (Aweome)
  5. Haven't tried overclocking my 4850 yet, but I have put an Arctic Cooling Twin Turbo on it, and even with the fans on low speed, it never gets above 55C peak, so certainly room for an overclock there ;)

    Until I get a better monitor the 4850 is doing me well, a 5850 would be nice :) $1500 lawyer bill I got yesterday might delay that though haha

    For the BIOS version, under the Mainboard tab in CPU-Z there is a BIOS section which should show you the version currently running.

    Generally though, if you're happy with your machine, there isn't usually much reason to upgrade the BIOS on the board. Unless you've spotted something in the BIOS releases that you really want. I find it annoying, as I just have to enter all my overclocking values again.
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