Can I RAID0 a 10,000RPM and a 7200RPM harddrives?

I have a 10,000RPM and a 7200RPM Harddrive. The 10k HDD is used for the operating system boot-up and 7200rpm for data storage.

However, i've used this setup for almost 2 years now and i'm getting fed-up of it. It's too much hassle. I would like just one drive controlling everything. (Just a C:/ that's it.)

So is it possible to RAID0 a 10,000RPM and a 7200RPM HDD together?

P.S. I'm also planning on purchasing another 7200RPM HDD so would it be able to RAID0 a 10,000RPM and 2x 7200RPM HDD's?

Thank you for your time.

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  1. I'm fairly certain RPM doesn't matter for raid - you may want to look at your controller's documentation though.

    What RAID type are you looking at? There are advantages and disadvantages to the different types. Some RAID levels don't work or don't take advantage of 3 drives.
  2. You should continue to use the 10k disk as system disk as that's where it shines. Putting it in RAID0 with the other disks will only make it slower. For all intents, you now have three ordinary 7200rpm disks; no more 10k disk.
  3. I want to raid now 2x 10,000RPM's and 1x 7200RPM in a RAID0 setup. Will this setup be speedy enough? I just want good speed and one C:/, not a D:/, too much hassle. So would this work?
  4. You realize that if any 1 of the 3 drives fail, you will lose all of your data, right?

    "Speedy enough" is subjective. It will be faster than standalone drives for most tasks. You might also consider the 2 10K rpm drives in raid 0 as a boot/application disk, the other one as a standalone for data or other files, and a good backup solution.
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