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I am about to receive phenom II 955be and I was wondering what voltage to use at 3.6ghz as I thing this would be more then enough.

another thing. I was reading the manual of my mobo and it reads that it can overclock the FSB by 5/10/15/20% from simply making jumper combination as showed in the manual. what diffrence is between those two.. overclocking the fsb or the CPU multplier??

which option should I use to achive my goal?

thanks for reading
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  1. 1. No one can tell you the voltage as that changes from CPU to CPU.

    2. Usually, most prefer to up the FSB/HT than the Multi.

    3. Do all OCing manually. The pre/auto OC settings are usually not optimal as they generally provide too little/too much voltage,etc.
  2. what i would do is see if your cpu can get to 3.6 with the stock 1.35 voltage (assuming thats what the 955be's is) and if it works try to run prime 95 and see if it crashes. if it does raise voltage up alittle bit and try again. keep doing this until you can get stable at the given voltage. my 3.6 settings are at 225 fsb with 16 multiplier and volts at 1.4 but each cpu is different
  3. i am having lots of trouble making this to work so I really hoop you guys can give me some advice.

    I was able to run the system at 3,8ghz and possibly could be more. but I notice that I don't néed CPU speed to be that high since I get better noticable performance by oc the fsb/ ht and with that memory too.

    I will add some pics so you get to see where I am at now. I would like to make it at 3,5 or 3,6 but stable.

    at current setup windows and playing wow is stable but once I run stress test with 95 it shows like hardware failed at some cores.

    you can see the images at this page cause I couldn't directly link because I am writing this from my iPhone.

    I uploaded to my profile the bios setting and voltage I now use and am not stable at.


    and btw my system specs are:
    790xt-g45 msi
    ocz ddr2 pc8500 1066 5,5,5,15 (tk1)
    xfx radeon 5770
    amd 64 phenom II 955 BE
  4. I forgotto mention. I am worried about the temps. when oc'ed mytemps go over 60 - 67, 68

    I am using
    CPU fan: arctic cooling freezer pro 7 rev2
    psu: ocz fatal1ty 550w(any good for overclock this one??)

    what I notices is that the CPU fan doesn't cover the processor completely. and I saw that the amd default shipped fan was somewhat wider for that metter. would that be better? I also ordered an mx2 thermal pasta to cover the fan again in hope that will help a little
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