Which Blu-ray Drive to get?

I am trying to get a Blu-ray Drive for my PC. If it could burn Blu-ray disk it would be better but not essential. I am more concerned in reading speed though. My budget is $150. What is your recommendation?
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  1. I know TigerDirect.com has a bunch of Blu-ray drives at pretty reasonable prices. Check this one out for $110 and I think it ships free. http://bit.ly/aMcaLX
  2. i got a sony blu-ray player, came with sony blu-ray software,,,which i believe is cyber-link...it has worked great.....i got it at frys electronics....got a great deal on it..$79....they only had a few, and went fast....they were returns...or frys special...cannot remember
  3. LG WH10LS30K 10X Blu-ray Burner - LightScribe Support $149, free shipping

    Have both an LG and a Samsung Blu-ray writer, Both work fine.

    SONY - WOULD Not give a PLUGGED nickel for them.
    I only buy sony products as a Last resort. It is not that they do not work OK, just my personal boycott. And in only One case have I not been able to Find a lower, and in may cases, a better performing electronic subsystem. My one exception - Blu-ray Rom/DVD RW drive for laptop.
  4. well., when i bought the sony blu-ray player, i was sort of worried, because i had a sony dv-rw go bad on me,,,it was fairly new too.....but they had em at the price where i could not refuse, $79, and this was 8 months ago....i have many sony products, lcd tv, blu-ray player, dvd-player, and the other player that plays the tapes,,god, i have not used it for some long i cannot remember what its callled.....you would not like it in my place...
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