How long should I run a stress test?

I just got a 4870, and I want to test it out, and maybe change the fan speed.
What is a stress test that is good, and how long should I run it ( and settings too maybe)
Also, I don't currently have a tester, so could someone recommend one?
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  1. I don't know of any free video-card benchmarks that will allow you to run it for hours, but you could purchase the basic version of 3DMark 06 (XP) or Vantage (Vista) and loop it for a good 8+ hours.
  2. but what about if I just want to put my card on load and see the temp?
    Then what should I use. Also, I don't really want to run it for too long. Just an hour or so would probably do
  3. I recommend overnight at least, as for changing FAN settings 1 word: RivaTuner.
  4. I can just change the fan in catalyst. Well, all i really want to do is to put a load on my card and soo how hot it runs.
    How about this, how about I play a game in windowed mode, would that work and put a big load on my card?
  5. Before running any tests download and install Rivatuner and use it to keep an eye on the temperatures. DO NOT benchmark a HD4870 without this safeguard in place!
    The most savage test (graphics) I know of is Furmark (google it) or Folding@home.
    You can change fanspeeds through either Rivatuner or the CCC by unlocking the `Overdrive` feature and setting a fanspeed there.
    For normal gaming use I find 35% to be about right but for extended testing, 45% might be reguarded as `minimum safe`
    The card can run at over 110C but it`s an expensive item to fry so I`d say anything over 90C is too much, but no cause for panic.
  6. Use ATI tool. You can do the scan for artifact test and that will heat up the GPU. (works with nvidia cards also btw.)
  7. ^^^D*** Was about to say that! So often you forget the oldies but goodies:)
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