Dvd drive always says....please insert disk onE

I used to play,write and burn dvds. Lately ,everytime I insert disc, it always says....please insert disc on E and I can not go any further. help me
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  1. The drive is likely bad. I regularly burn CDs and DVDs and my drives do not last more than two years.

    However, you should check the power and data cables on the drive before you replace it.
  2. The power,I suppose is ok.There is light, and it will open when I will press the eject button. When I closed, or place dvd, there are flickering lights that last less than 5 seconds, i guess, and that's it. I would like to consume all possibilities before going to repair shop. So, any other suggestions, please, sir?
  3. DVD rewritable drives are cheap, so I would just change it.
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