Next budget build am3+ or intel 775

I want to spend the least amount of money possible...

I want it to be phenom ready.. but able to get cheaper parts now.. but still have the ability to overclock it as much as i want..


get a intel board and a dual core celeron, but unlocked..and 4+ core ready.. how long you think 775 is going to be around??

what processors would i be looking for?

what software would be best to use?
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  1. Hi.

    1- Yourself say, the bet option for your is AMD
    2- The 775 is a old socket, but exist some good 775 OC processors.
  2. Pazsion -

    You'ld be better of with the newer AM3 platform as the 775 socket is dead and on it's way out the doors. Sure it may last for a while as many users are still on this platform, but the AM3 platform will most likely last you *much* longer. And it's also the cheapest of the two options for you.
  3. yea, i'm likeing how amd hasn't sued it's vendors for still selling old motherboards..ever?

    IE the 478, and probably the 775 when it gets "phased out" and windows 98..0.o 3.1 and 95 are gPL?

    intel and microsoft are quite retarded when it comes to this stuff..

    when lots of people still value the platforms and use them extensively.. some faster then i7's...on a single core.. if anything that's a selling point not a reason to remove it from the market xD but amd is pushing 6ghz.. on four to 6 cores.. and has plans laid out and partners to support higher clock speeds and more cores sooner...from what i've been reading..


    amd seems to be what i'm willing to invest in at this point..unless someone sells me a perfectly working harptown? xD for $400 lol!

    i wanna be able to find parts that aren't $1000's of dollars.. simply because people stopped making them and it's unknown how many are left..and they feel they can add 20x more then msrp but i don't think pc enthusist's really have much of an option here.. much of the field, is owned by 1-3 companies... for the most part, everyone else is RE-selling from those 3... what else are we gonna build a pc with??

    I've seriously considered those modular board thingies... u can get a motorola cpu, amd gpu and wifi thingies.. and plug them into a "puck" or motherboard simplified extreamly.. it's just slotting them into holes..and they have it so that it detects and runs the stuff you put in it xD ... anyone have any experences with this stuff?

    FOr example:

    whats the deal with ddr? i thought some other manufacturer took over the manufactureing of ddr-1

    I'm also eyeballing several boards that allow ddr1-2-3 via their own slots on the board.. huge,expensive things so far.. but for a long term heavy use, and testing purposes.. size isnt the problem..functionality, speed(using whats available, excellently) and durability.. is the goal.. overclocking has saved others and me years in computeing and rendering time.. i'm gonna do it, and at times i'm gonna push it stupidly high..

    I heard the amd 64 fx 2 ? was comparable to a decent dual core.. but if i'm gonna upgrade from a 478 era pc.. it definately needs more then a 4gb transfer speed across the entire spectrum of things.. if i want usb 3.0 etc i'll need a newer cpu regardless right? what line of amd provides extensive range of features(sse3-4 and optimizations etc..) but also takes into account future upgrades.. i like these sim like chips, for the BIOS.. that's awesome.. definately gonna be on all my future pc's

    from experience limited bios feature addition and upgrades have been able to provide great usuability.. i have yet to have the joy of a non-propriety pc.. without someone else destroying it before i used it -.- lol on that note.. any sweet, steel cases, that can be locked come to mind?
  4. saint19 said:

    1- Yourself say, the bet option for your is AMD
    2- The 775 is a old socket, but exist some good 775 OC processors.

    Yea but everytime i find a board/cpu combo..

    intel usually has the best deal.. but its a socket thats old, or not widely used anymore..some never widely used, and aimed at servers and embedded...

    then i compare what amd's "deals" are from like tigerdirect.. and it severly complicates things.. like how nvidia's new GT 250+ were selling for $400 then a month later $70 and then back again.. promotions i have no idea how they pull off.. and often sell out quickly..

    there was a low cost gddr5 ATI gfx card that came out early 2010.. i can't find anymore, and i think it is not made anymore..there are other versions not quite like it out now, that do not perform anywhere near what that one benchmarked at.. etc etc..

    by the time i find the "deal" it's not something i can go, oh i want that, let me start setting aside cash for it.. and expect it to be there a yr or so down the road xD but that is just how the computeing world works these days i guess..


    sata, or usb 3.0 something faster? as i understand the conversions...300 gigaBITS per second is only as fast as UDMA ata-300 or scsi 300??

    And usb works diffrently.. i'm wondering how a usb 3.0 SSD performace setup would compare to sata 3.0

    Something else that will completely swing me to AMD.. is a laptop design like the asus x90x series or alienware mx15x series.. they use desktop features and parts that are swappable.. but its small and laptop! does amd have this ?
  5. pazsion said:
    I want to spend the least amount of money possible...

    I want it to be phenom ready.. but able to get cheaper parts now.. but still have the ability to overclock it as much as i want..


    get a intel board and a dual core celeron, but unlocked..and 4+ core ready.. how long you think 775 is going to be around??

    what processors would i be looking for?

    what software would be best to use?

    You can pick up a nice AM2+ board with DDR2 for cheap at the mo.

    Find a board that unlocks cores like the 790GX/FX, Asus or DFI maybe.

    Get an AM3 Phenom II 555 for silly money and hopefully unlock it to a quad.

    If not you've still got a very nice overclockable dual core machine.

    Gotta be worth thinking about anyways :D
  6. Quote:
    good idea but the odds unlocking a dual to a quad are VERY LOW...!
    better off getting a x3 and trying to unlock to a quad.

    Well a lot of people have had success with the 555 including me.

    I know its not a given but worst case you have a very OC'able 45nm dual core, mine did nearly 4ghz.

    I paid £72 / $116 for mine and its stable at 3.6ghz quad core. It does 3.7ghz but I like it cooler at 3.6.
  7. Quote:
    not bad... and in no way am I bashing..
    i'm just saying that i and a lot of others no people whgo haven't successfully accomplished the feat..

    No worries, theres always pro's and con's, guess its the luck of the draw.

    I read somewhere that AMD ran out of dual core cpu's and had so many quads that they just decided to shut 2 cores off and sell them as duals, consequently this is why so many people had success with the unlocking process.

    But don't take my word for it [:mousemonkey:5]
  8. ahaha

    ok coming at the other angle here, above affordability, is long-term use and performance.. so i found this googleing around

    a g34?? socket.. for 12 core cpu from amd..

    I'm looking for highest cache, MP and the ability to go cheap with the board.. until i can afford to put what i like in it..anyone know what other processors this supports?

    curious question! amd certainly has more stuff on their chips over intel.. but which one will utilize all cores, no matter if it's supported or not by software?
  9. no such thing as overkill...when your thinking 5 -10 years down the road...even something like this could be obsolete by then and not able to run some future game..or software..

    now back on topic.. amd has x86-64 which lets 32-bit software run in 64bit..on 64-bit cpus..

    So am i right in thinking that amd was genius enough to design their cpus to use all cores even with single-threads or software designed for single cores?

    If thats not possible, can i tell a core to be used, even if it's already going to be used by one core? Can i tell the cpu to dedicate a core(s) to individual processes or services?

    like networking/ hardrives / gpu & memory allocation? etc.

    i dont even know if the g34 has direct connect or qpi like features...
  10. for the 12 core cpu

    only 3 in stock =c

    lamely doesnt tell me how many are available..

    total so far without shipping $909
    add winblows and it's $1100

    this is starting to look good...

    this mobo and cpu have everything i have been looking for... and this is MINimum spec for what i want to be doing with such a pc.. far from overkill...

    and yes it does have 4x qpi.. HT3.0 with reverse compatability with 1.0

    one pci as well as 4 pci-8 or 16 and one slot 4x..

    several features i love.. sure as heck beats phenom and i7 cores... many in the same price range..I wonder if the 1.9ghz clock speeds will effect gaming and media though.. and if these things can be overclocked at all..

    only bad thing is the possibilty that these parts will be higher in price, bought up, and not made anymore by the time i have $1200 set aside =c
  11. Quote:
    I want to spend the least amount of money possible...

    Remember this guy??

    If you have $1200 just get an I7 or AMD 6 core 1090T. :)

    Thing is anything you buy will be superseeded within 6 months.

    If you buy something decent that will do you for a while if you decide to upgrade you always have something worth selling to put towards the upgrade costs. If your smart you can usually upgrade individual parts without imense cost.
  12. 6 mo from now? =c


    so we are gonna have ddr 4 and 5 for the system memory soon?


    and my budget for a new pc is somewhat unknown at this point in time..
    But i think i'm firm on amd now.

    if you happen across any great deals let us know xD
  13. No matter what you buy a faster, cooler less voltage needing version will follow.

    Right now with AMD I'd buy a Crosshair IV and a 1090T.

    They've just had a little price drop and in a year people are still gonna want this setup, I want it now. :D

    Best of luck.
  14. AMD is always cheaper. By a mobo that will run the new PhenomII 6-core cpu's, and then just buy an Athalon II x2 for now. You can later upgrade to a 6-core without having to buy anything else.
  15. does amd still use mostly tin/aluminum / copper pins etc? or have they atleast made some silver alloy pins etc?
  16. all Pc Good & Nice intel/AMD depend on money..!

    You can overclock ...! Overclock Pc & Overclock Money :pt1cable:

    AMD good for game & video editing : for next years not Old (available for CPU & RAM) price : very cheap, friendly in pocket

    Intel 775 : Good for graphic, mini game, office,clipart, : for next years seem Old (limit CPU + DDR2) better choice for intel 1366 / X58 very expensive !

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