Radeon 5870 stock cooler greatly superior than Scythe Musashi ???

Hello everyone. I've bought a musashi cooler today for my sapphire radeon 5870. i do not know what's wrong but the cooler is NOT working properly.. I've used it with and without the copper spacer, re-aplied the thermal grease, but STILL, with fans connected to the PSU running on max speed (or at least what i believe to be max speed - both controlers turned all the way to max) the gpu temps are 85ºC in under 2 mins running Furmark, againts the 63ºC provided by the stock cooler running at max fan speed or even 81ºC at 45%. I've seen instalation pics, the heatsink is touching the copper spacer which is touching the gpu processor, they are firmly secure. Please, what in the world is wrong ? The Musashi cooler cannot be inferior to stock cooling... right? ... ... At least the following link proves the superiority of the newer Scythe cooler, then the second link proves musashi to be even better:

link 1


link 2


I'm using:

750W PSU

GA-MA78G-DS3H Motherboard


AMD Phenom Quad 9950

Sapphire Radeon 5870

Help ? :)
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  1. i had the same problem when i was using air cooling man,,
    i have the same card as yours, but i was using the arctic cooling twn turbo pro,
    under furmark my card reaches 92c while the stock never reach 60c and the vrm's reach 130c!

    i think all aftermarket coolers doesnt perform well on this card!!

    now i put it on liquid sith the ek full cover block!
    nice temps, load temps never reach 45c with 1075/1280 vcore 1,350
  2. Sorry but you may want to put the stock cooler back on. The Sythe may have been better than the 4890 stock cooler, but the 40nm process used for the 5870 is alot more leaky than the 55nm process of the 4890. That's why the 5870 has such a big ol cooler. At the very least try remounting the cooler. Make sure to clean it properly and use some good thermal past like arctic silver. Of course, be careful not to get any of it on the PCB ^_^
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