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I am in the market for a TV Tuner Card that is PCI as my one PCI 1x Express slot is being occupied by a wireless card adapter.

Price isn't really an option, but obviously cheaper is better if it will do the things I need it to do.

I just recently purchased an Acer X223W 22" monitor and it looks stunning so I am trying to take advantage of the quality it can produce.

The cable I receive is through the complex I live in and is just a straight coaxial cable connection. No digital box or HD. So whatever works with that first and foremost.

I've also be toying with the idea of buying a HD Antennae to pick up some free OTA HD, is it possible to hook that up to a tuner card?

Also for the near future, I will be moving and not getting free cable so I would more than likely get a digital box with HD, so if the card had the capability to make use of that as well. Are there any tuners that you can record 2 things at once or do you need 2 tuner cards or even the ability to record one channel and watch another.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. any suggestions? or are there no pci tuner cards available that have what I need.

  2. Look through this list. While I currently use an AverMedia TV Tuner, I keep hearing good things about Hauppauge.

    -Wolf sends
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