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Guys i use Intel DG33FB board with 500 GB SATA seagate barracuda internel desktop harddisk. Im in a plan to upgrade to Seagate Barracuda LP (ST32000542AS) 2 TB SATA II HDD... My only query is can i use it in the same old configuration in the place of my old 500 GB SATA seagate harddisk with the existing cable..??
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  1. IF your plan is to replace the 500 GB with the new 2 TB unit you will have few problems. BIG hint: since you're working with Seagate for the new one, be sure to download for free from their website the utility called Disk Wizard. It is a customized version of Acronis True Image with lots of powerful tools, so be sure to get and read the manual, too. Look closely at the chapter on how to CLONE your old hard drive to the new one. Using that you make a perfect copy of EVERYTHING from old drive to new. Then you can have the new drive take over as your boot device called the C: drive and it will all work. The old drive can be removed or re-assigned to other uses in your system.

    Important hint as you make the clone: By default, the cloning process will try to make the clone copy into a Partition on the new drive the same size as your old drive, leaving you with a lot of Unallocated Space on the 2 TB unit that could be used to establish additional Partitions to use as separate drives. BUT if you want the 2 TB unit to be one huge C: drive, make sure as you set up the cloning process that you manually intervene and set the clone copy's size to what you really want - possibly the entire HDD space.
  2. Thanx very much for the prompt reply bro.

  3. You're welcome. Let us know how it all goes.
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