nvidia 9600/9800GT vs FX1700 - adobe premiere CS4

Ive read in a couple of places that premiere CS4 will only benefit from a quad-gc despite CUDA acceleration. Wanted to clear this up, and then decide whether it is worthwhile spending 3x more for a fx1700 as opposed to a 9600 or 9800gt?

My editing is all 2d, with colour correction, opacity, text overlays etc
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  1. It's OGL based so it's not a question of hardware so much as locked/unlocked drivers.

    Since there are nV cards that are soft-modable, I would consider looking at going that route to get the best of both worlds, also the resale value of a gaming card is higher initially (if you shop wisely to begin with).
  2. Which cards are those? (soft-modable) and where do you get the drivers?
    Is there a good forum to read?
  3. Google Soft mod Quadro.
  4. Thanks, good starting point!
  5. Ive had no luck with soft modding my 8600GT...Renders of my 1hr program increased from 40min to an hour! Ill grab my 8800GT and give it a go, not sure if thatll make any diff.
  6. It should, if gfx perf is = to rendering this way at all. The 86 is lousy compared to a 88
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