OCZ PC2 Memory runs half speed on M2N-MX SE Plus

OS: Vista 64 Ultimate
MB: M2N-MX SE Plus
Bios: 0602 (the latest)
Memory: OCZ PC2 8500 SLI Ready 2GB kit matched.
Video: nVidia GeForce 9600 GT
HD: Western Digital SATA 2 500GB
CPU: AMD AM2 X2 5000+ Brisbane

I'm having an issue with my OCZ PC2 8500 memory running not at 1066. The post screen shows the memory running dual channel and at a frequency of 1066. However when I get to the desktop, CPUZ shows the memory at PC2-5300 memory. Even if I force the 533 and voltage to make it run at 1066, it only shows it running at 1066 at the post screen. After I get to the desktop, CPUZ says its only PC2-5300 memory however it does show the part number correctly as OCZ2N10661G on each slot. This would indicate to me it is at least reading the chip on the memory module correctly. ASUS tech support was no help. Any ideas?
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  1. If you are looking at the memory tab, then the number needs to be doubled. It is the base memory clock and you are running DDR (2).
  2. Yes, I am aware of that. It runs at 464.0 MHz per module. Since its dual channel you times by 2. Still under. If I dont over clock its less than 333!
  3. Are you OCing through software? If so delete all programs and OC through the mobo. If you are OCing through the mobo you have settings wrong.
  4. Using mobo settings to OC. This board does a 7% overclock and is stable.
  5. I haven't dealt with AMD enough to give you any info, except that I believe the BIOS settings are wrong. If you don't get any good posts here, then try the AMD forum. You might get a better response.
  6. Settings aren't wrong, I've tried every combo the board offers and nearly every manual OC scenario imaginable, still cant get it to show correctly. It shows Dual Channel enabled and Channel Frequency 1066 at Post, but after I get to the desktop, it no longer performs at 1066. I've built every PC I have ever owned since '96. This isn't my first time around the block.
  7. Posted at ASUS forum also. Seeing if anyone else is having similar issues.
  8. this board does not allow to set timing manually. i can set voltage and frequency, but not timings.
  9. You're using a X2 cpu, not a phenom. Only with a phenom will it run at 1066 without overclocking. AMD X2 chips only support up to ddr2-800. You need to set the speed to 800 in the bios, then overclock the bus speed to get higher ram speed. This will also overclock the cpu.
  10. I will try that now and post results shortly. Thanks.

    No such luck, get a higher clock rate the way I have it. Must be the memory controller on the chip. I'll just eBay this processor and get one that supports 1066 memory. Are there any AM2/AM2+ processors that support 1066 memory, such as black editions?
  11. If your at 464, then that only leaves that only leaves 72 make that 138 on the table. Probably not worth the aggravation.
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