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my question is will my s2912 mobo support quad core cpus?
-the reason i ask this is that i rma'ed my board and when i got it back i noticed that the bios says its running v4.0 s2912-e.
-the only difference i can tell from the s2912 and s2912-e is that the "E" version has a built in hardware sas controller.
-both mobos use the exact same chipset and look identical besides the missing sas control on the s2912
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    According to that list, the answer is yes for the S2912-E and no for the S2912.
  2. GhislainG said:

    According to that list, the answer is yes for the S2912-E and no for the S2912.

    ya ive visited the cpu support page but i dont see why the S2912 doesnt.
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    You could contact Tyan and ask them why they don't support Quads on the S2912.
  4. The S2912 (not "-E") will support the AMD Quad Core Barcelonas with the v4.00 BIOS.

    Why? - On a binary file compare, both the downloaded Tyan s2912 and s2912-E v4.00 BIOSes are IDENTICAL (actually only the zip file package names are different, the files inside are not).

    Also - I have a S2912 (not "-E") with v4.00 BIOS that I have recently built with (2) Quad Core AMD 2347 CPUs running without a hitch!

    So, go for it.
  5. In addition to all 2200 CPU's. the S2912 and S2915 both support all the 2300 CPU's up to 2389 and the 8300 Series ( only diff is 8 way support). You will need the latest Bios from Tyan. I personally have built a 2912(Not "E") system using (2) 2378 CPU's and another using 8352. Both working perfectly. Tyan has, since before 1998 sold full featured boards and feature removed boards. They are same board and i have always been able to run same cpu's on the de-featured board. I hope this helps clear up the mystery.
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