Advice on my high temps please

Hi all, still having problems with my new setup, don't know what the problem is but to be honest the setup is only maybe 5 degrees better than when it was on air" class="img lazy">

These are the radiators I am using" class="img lazy">

The radiator housing I made

The temps are as follows" class="img lazy">

after 2 1/2 hours of prime 95" class="img lazy">

Once warmed up doesn't seem to shift the temperature. Do you think the rads are no good? They are a good seal to the fans so I know they are only pulling air through the rads. Also the rad on the gpu loop never really goes over 60 degrees so why is the cpu so hot?, both cpu and gpu loops both idle about 50 degrees. My voltage readings in hardware monitor are all over the place has anybody else had this issue with the UD5 mobo? P.S I have a Tagan 900w modular PSU
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated, if you need any more info please ask.

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  1. I have only set up a couple of water cooling loops but form what I know of it your teps should be lower then that.

    I need some more info such as what case are you using and are your fans pulling the hot air out of the case threw the rad? and which fans are you using?
  2. Hi thanks for the reply, the rads are mounted outside the case and I have 6x Revoltech 1200rpm 52cfm fans pulling air through the 2 rads so not affected by case temp." class="img lazy">

    Technical Data

    * Fan size: 120x120x25mm
    * Noise level: 23.94 dBA
    * Airflow: 51.54 CFM
    * Fan speed: 1200 RPM
    * Connector: 3-Pin Molex
    * Operating Voltage: 7 Volt - 12 Volt DC
    * Input Power: 0.18 A
    * Lifetime: 50.000 hours

    Maybe the rads just are not up to the job. They are plenty big enough. Just to add, the air temp coming from the fans is 46 degrees if that means anything to anybody!!!

  3. Is the jaguar xj6 heater radiators out of the car? :heink: ....or just some brand I haven't heard of. If it's out of the car get your self some actual water cooler rads and 38mm fans. And are you cooling anything else with the rads or just the cpu? If your only cooling you CPU one rad should do it (if your not happy with the temps you could always pick up a second one) if your cooling anything else you would need to get the second one one.

    Check out the Thermochill PA120.3 for the rad and Scythe Ultra Kaze 120MM model #DFS123812L-2000 for the fans. Oh and you will probably need fittings (barbs) for the rad unless you have some. If you tell me the inner diameter of your tubing I could recommend them as well.
  4. Hi and thanks for your reply, yes the rads are from a jaguar car!! It is the fans that are not moving enough air, I put a desk fan blowing across the radiators and temps came down to 33 idle and 54 load which I am happy with. Going to try a few ideas I have before buying any more fans. The radiators have many more fins than pc rads so need much stronger fans. But in principle more fins/ more surface area to move more heat I think!

  5. In theory your principals are sound but I have never used a car rad for the heat exchanger on any liquid cooling set-up. A good liquid cooling rad can come close to the same temps as well. Now if you need to replace you fans (and I recommend that you do) then look for a fan with higher static pressure and not necessarily a fan with higher cfm. What I recommend is to look for something that is 38Xmm wide instead of the standard 25Xmm. The Scythe Ultra Kaze are the one's I have had good results with, good static pressure and not all that loud.

    Maybe this topic can provide you with some suggestions as well

    Post back and let me know if there is anything else I can do :hello:
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