Overclocking Most of Us Will Never Get to do: i7 980X

Surely, laying my hands on the latest CPU architecture, knowing it comes at a retail price of €1000 and it's in fact just the best a (desktop)-man can get, is exciting, but sometimes I forget that I'm not the only one testing this product. No, there are thousands of people all around the globe having the exact same feeling ... and willing to do the exact same type of article. The question is: does it matter whether I produce yet another run-of-the-mill Gulftown review or can I provide our readers with some information that other reviews don't have and present it in a creative manner. Well, in this case I decided to go for the latter.

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  1. Wow... 4.6... nice... when 1366 and the 6 cores come down in price and lots of other things i would love to try this :D
  2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_future_AMD_microprocessors#.22Thuban.22_.2845_nm.2C_Six-core.29

    Or those lol, but wont OC nearly as well... due to pure fact theyre 45nm vs intels 32nm
  3. I'll be getting one as a graduation present and boy, would i overclock the brains out of it... Heheehe!! I don't want too much, just a 980x and one more 5850, to bring my rigs tab to 7 grand... Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet!
  4. Hi guys, I recently brought a new 980x processor primarily for gaming use. Neway can som1 let me know what speed I should overclock it at. I only want it 2 last a year so a few extra bytes here wouldn't matter. I also brought a special cooler as the cooler wasn't the best My current setup.

    Intel 980x 6core
    Asus Rampage ii - Extreme
    Corsair 6g @ 2000mhz (The ram came with its own little cooling fans)
    Evga Gtx 295
    Corsair x64 ssd

    Thanks Guys
  5. Wow, whay to bring up a dead thread. Post a new topic.
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