EX58-UD5 LED questions

The EX58-UD5 comes with whole bunch of LED lights. There is also a small two digit display which shows different codes - these are usually combinations of numbers letters or both.
My questions are:

1. what means FF on the two digit display?? i have it on all the time. the comp seems to work great and i have no problems with it. the manual states that FF hex is boot attempt, but that doesnt tell me much. Does anyone know what that FF mean?? Does it represent any unsolved issue???

2. after OC there is whole bunch of LED lights on. According to the manual: the higher the loading the more lights are lit. Wow, thats great!!! BUT what does it mean??? does it mean that there is a problem??? or overheating?? or to much voltage??? For example: at stock option i have no LEDs lit. When i OC i have NB phase LED lights blue. Is it good or bad??
Does it mean the temp is too high??

3. there are also LEDs light right bellow CPU FAN header. what are these for??? for the voltage or fan?? when i OCed the CPU they were all lit including red light. what does it mean? this shitty manual doesnt explain anything.

Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. Normally FF on the display means the self-test was passed successfully and the board continued on to boot up -- that's what you want to see.
  2. hey thanx for your input. That is a really good news :P Thanx again.
    Maybe somebody else could answer questions 2 and 3 ???
  3. It all appears to be there.

  4. hey thanx alot. i guess i didnt pay attantion to page 25. i just looked at pages 38-39 :P stupid me!!!
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