Arctic Silver 5, the real deal Holyfeild??

Just wondering what opinions where on Arctic Silver 5 ( AS5 )

Got tons of friends that swear by it, but I also have friends that don't, and I personally have used some TIm I got at radio shack that actually droped my temps 4c from AS5. In AS5's defense, I was used to being a bit more liberal with other TIM's past. But to be honost I am getting a new CPU Heatsync, Link : , and am going to use this as my guide line, see what temps I get, then clean it, and apply the TIM that comes with it and see the deference. I have more than enough to apply another coat of AS5 if it's better ^^

So that being said, what about you guys? Ever noticed any deference's on your own between AS5 and other TIM's?
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  1. What the hell, I might as well try this to,
  2. Arctic Silver 5 is an older thermal compound that requires about 200 hours of pc operation and frequent turning off and on for it to cure and stabilize temperatures.

    Last time I looked there were over 80 brands of thermal compounds in a variety of categories. Different combinations of cpu's, heatsinks, and thermal compounds produce varying results. Most of the veterans have their own personal favorites. For example I prefer IC 7 Carat Diamond while someone else might prefer Arctic Cooling MX3.

    I have lapped a cpu heatsink and a cpu. It is a time consuming process. In addition, lapping the cpu will void the warranty. When I finished my temps dropped about 2C. Based on what other veterans have psoted results will vary and it is possible that temps mightl not be reduced. For the typical user/gamer a drop of 2C is insignificant and not worth the effort. For a hardcore gamer into extreme overclocking about to go on a suicide mission to save the galaxy from alien invaders it might be significant.

    I absolutely, positively, 100% guarantee individual results will vary. :lol:
  3. LoL just bored have free time, and want to experiment a little, but it seems like everywhere I go it's AS5 this and AS5 that, even on new egg where I first heard about it. So I was just curious as to what some people here @ Tom's have had results wise, I know because of all the variables that results are inconstant, but I have faith in a lot of Tom's users, and their ability to put on TIM ^^
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