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Alright so i have 3 HDDs 2 identical 250gb and 1 300 gb...Right now only the 300gb is in use and i plan to backup the data and reformat. How should i set up the 3 HDD in my system? I was thinking about having 1 drive just hold the OS and the other 2 become the active storage drives but would that just mean fill up drive 2&3 one after another? Ive never done a RAID setup and im not sure i want to. My main use for this pc is for gaming and media use

any help would be great

My setup:
Windows 7 ultimate 64-bit
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  1. partition 1 of the drives and use that for the os.....250g is probably still bigger than you need for the os.....then just fill up the other drives how you see fit.....
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