Asus m4a785-m overclocking help

yea i need help i just built my computer and i want to over clock it i got an amd 2.8 quadcore a processor and a 2g 800mhz ram

so i have no idea where to start i want to overclock it all so i need me some help lol
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  1. Exactly what I wanted to ask. :D Same board, just Phenom II X2 550BE and 3g 800mhz. I unlocked the 2 dormant cores, Win 7 boots fine, sees the cpu as X4 B50 but Windows Experience Index crashes while testing (windows doesn't crash itself, just the Experience Index) haven't tested anything else, like prime95, just yet. New to oc-ing and some of the setttings from bios (and this mb has quite a few) don't really have a detailed description of what they do (and the manual lists the same thing that bios does :P).
  2. yea no kidding i just got a nice thermaltake fan cooler which is amazing so i can oc but i still have no idea how to and if i need to lits my specs tell me if that would help out i ran prime95 and it passed it with ease it was at 37 core temp with the most hard settings for it
  3. so no one knows how to over clock this asus mb? well im amazed that no one knows
  4. if you look in bios you can actually oc processor x5 x8 .... etc my question does any no how to get timings right for crucial ballistix 4g 2x3 from 555-12 to 444-12 witht his particular mb. i set bith dimm settings to manual but still no luck ??? any1??
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