3.6 unstable help please

i am running an Amd phenom 945 on an m4a77td Asus mobo with 2x2 ripjaws ddr3 ram, my problem is that prime 95 bluescreens me after about 30 minutes. I have my fsb at 240 and downclocked both my ht and nb to 1800 to attempt to fix the problem. i am unable to bump my voltage at all it will not boot. my ram timings i tried at 7-7-7-21 and 9-9-9-24 both running at 1280. i can feel its close (i hope) i just need your advice to help me get it!! thank you in advance!!!
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  1. uh.........what's ur cooler???? cooling is a big factor in overclocking.....that's why you have temperature monitor's in ur system just to give you a heads up

    Stock cooler won't do just to tell you that
  2. sorry shopuld have posted that. its a zalman 9900 very efficient never gets over 35 i see your sort of having the same trouble? whats your fsb, nb, ht at?
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    What is your cpu voltage at right now? Good chance you need 1.4V+ to get stable, especially if your on a c2 phenom II.
  4. AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 945 Processor and 1.34 i just am unable to bump my voltage i guess my main problem is that. I can adjust all settings but hit the voltage even .00625 and i will reboot saying "overvoltage failed"
  5. so i guess my cpu voltage is not able to be bumped is what forums are saying but they also said if i update my bios it will solve that problem. is it worth it? or just leave well enough alone?
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