My max memory for motherboard and OS

Hey guys, im a newbie so pardon if this is a dumb question...after doing research on the net ive found a few different answers..

I just purchased all the parts to put together a new desktop setup, which im pretty damn excited about even though its nothing too special..

I plan on installing XP 32 bit and previously read that windows XP 32 bit can recognize up to 4 GB of ram. So I purchased a new motherboard and 2 X 2GB sticks of ram. Now im crusing around again tonight and read somewhere that win XP 32 bit cannot recognize that much ram. Whats going on here? Did i get too much ram?
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  1. Alright guys, my bad. I just found a whole thread about this. Looks like the bios recognizes 4 GB but only 3GB is actually used. I guess that extra GB will be there if i update to 64 bit
  2. Yeah, 2 x 2GB is the sweet spot, even though some is taken up by hardware addresses.
  3. I'm getting ready to upgrade as well and got xp32 was going to use 2x2gb also I don't care about the loss of memory till I go to windows7. My worry is OS not operating right as in sticking something in missing address space and not being able to retrieve it. Do I have to worry or will I be only missing some of my memory without having to worry about the OS not operating right?
  4. No worries at all, that's what the addresses are for. You will just loose some RAM, no big deal.
  5. Heck, even with 3+GB of RAM, XP has WAAAAAAY more than it should get great performance with little to no paging. If I were you, I'd set my page file to 512MB or 1GB min/max (so that its not being resized) and enjoy your speed.

    Have fun.
  6. Thanks for the replies wasn't to sure how that worked, I don't mind loosing a little at least that way I'll have max memory for my OS. They make such big deal out of it I guess you wouldn't want to go over 4GB of ram for sure, but at least at 4 your getting max ram thats cool in my book.
  7. For those of you guys actually getting 6+ MB of ram, is it actually noticeable? Ive had 1GB max my whole life and thought that was pretty quick. 2, I would imagine, would be mindblowing fast. I feel like the higher you go up it would be harder to notice? Then again, im pretty computer illiterate.
  8. If you have heavy memory programs, like video/photo editing programs or demanding games you can tell the difference right away, for regular pc applications you won't see any difference.

    the thing is with more RAM your pc do pagging less often, it means it reads the info from the memory RAM instead of the much slower hard drive. :)
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