strange error beeps.

I built a new system using Gigabyte MA790DS4H motherboard, AMD triple core black processor 2.4 GHz. Upon powering up, the system gives 3 sets of 3 beeps, then the processor fan almost powers down, then gives the regular OK beep and then the system starts up normally.
This happens everytime I power up. It doesnt happen when I reset using ctrl.alt.del.
Any ideas?
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  1. Read the motherboard manual, it should indicate what the beeps mean. Each distinct patter of sound has a specific problem associated with it. The motherboard is trying to tell you something. Read the manual and find out what!
  2. There is nothing that describes this. Normally you would think that the motherboard would halt if post fails.
    I did read that 3 beeps means keyboard error. But nothing on 3 sets of 3 beeps!
  3. Do you have a USB or PS/2 keyboard?
  4. I trid out both USB as well as PS/2 Keyboards. Same problem.
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