PLEASE HELP - Cant get 1920x1200 working on syncmaster2443bw

Hi all


situation: Vista 64 ultimate - 9800gx2 x2 - syncmaster 2443bw

normaly: My syncmaster 2443 is designed to run in 1920 x 1200, so is my video card, and even vista 64 supports it

Up to just recently, I was doing just that without a problem.

In plugging the nifty lcd poster that came with my striker II extreme mobo, I cut the power to my tower, and when I powered back on, my resolution dropped from 1920x1200 to 1280x1024 (maximum resolution available/ both in windows settings and nvidia control panel)

I tried reinstalling/redownloading the newest driver at (which was working fine before power off), did the same with monitor driver), NO EFFECT!!

I am plugged in VGA if thats any help.

I seem to be doomed at low res!

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  1. VGA? why? what graphics card do you have??
  2. At first it was plugged in direct DVI, but that stopped me from going to 1920x1200 (as DVI is a HDTV signal which hit 1920x1080, which is not the native resolution my monitor was designed for)
  3. DVI isn't limited to 1920x1080, so that wasn't the problem. Go back to DVI first, it's a higher quality link. I'm running a Dell Ultrasharp 2408WFP on DVI right now, and it's running great at 1920x1200.
  4. yea, me too on a 24" LG monitor with 4870@512. DVI can do more than 1080p
  5. In the nvidia control panel under the change flat panel scaling do you have a box that says change to the native resolution?
    I know it is a strange place for it. One would think it should be under manage custom resolutions.
  6. Hi everyone,

    Before we start, this is the platform of the problem that has everyone stumped:

    Striker II extreme 790i ultra
    Q9550 @ stock 2.83Ghz
    eVga 9800gx2
    4GB 1333 xms3xhs ram
    Samsung syncmaster 2443BW
    Windows vista 64 ultimate

    Monitor specs: 24inchs, 1920x1200 @ 60hz native / optimal resolution

    All nvidia drivers detect my 24inch monitor as being 17inchs. This means that windows and the nvidia control panel are telling me, and my monitor that it cant go over 1280x1024.
    The nvidia control panel even states: native resolution: 1280x1024
    I can only go to 1920x1080, which kind of distorts everything.
    Also, my monitor always pops up (the built graphic interface of the monitor) and tells me my native is 1920x1200 at 60 and that i should set my pc to match.
    I got the 1920x1200 on my old xp pc running a 128mb radeon8500le, so monitor is definetly ok.

    I ran powerstrip and noticed that my screen had 2 modes (mode0 and mode1, where the auto enabled mode 1 or 0, cant recall, was 1280x1024 and that the other mode was 1920x1200) perhaps this is a clue as to how to solve the issue.


    I tried everything from switching form vga to dvi (no good), reinstalling a few versions of the drivers (according to guide, with cleaners and safe mode and restarts, the works).
    Tried forcing custom resolutions, no good. (my pc really thinks my screen is 17 inches, as high custom resolutions wouldnt work on a 17 incher). Even tried with power strip to create custom drivers, perhpas without enough know how. without success.

    Tried adding an override line trick i found in this forum (or another) cant remember).

  7. Look for and install the correct model monitor driver from the manufacture website.
  8. Did you by any chance find a solution to this? I have a 2443 with a geforce 9600gt and can't get the damn thing over 1248x1024 on windows 7. updated all drivers and nothing seems to work including trying to add new resolutions within the nvidia control panel. for some reason i think the monitor is telling the os that it's a 17inch.
  9. In control panel (or windows, or PC Wizard) do you see it reporting what LCD you have? Also, what link/cable are you using? I have seen before where the LCD was programmed incorrectly and thus could not display properly, but that is a very rare occurrence.
  10. Ya, I have installed the samsung drivers and it displays as a Samsung syncmaster 2443bw but still don't have the option of upgrading the resolution. I've tried setting the refresh rate to 75 herz, and when I do, a notice from the moniter itself (part of the moniter settings) tells me it's not at optimal resolution and to change it to 1920x1200 60hz. I try and make a custom resolution and when I hit test, windoes doesnt even try and just tells me the moniter doesn't support it (while a message from the moniter itself is telling me that's what it wants)! I'm using a DVI cable. I've tried an analog cable as well with no luck.

    When i do a windows update, windows wants to install an updated driver for a SyncMaster 743b (which is a 17inch moniter). I have also tried in linux (just to see if this was a windows error) and linux thinks it's a 17 incher as well. I suppose there must be some conflict with my video card?
  11. Hi I have the same problem. I am wondering if you ever found a solution. I have the correct driver installed for the monitor from Samsung (SyncMaster 2443bw), but still the computer thinks it's a 17inch moniter.
  12. This next topics has been merged by TheGreatGrapeApe
    UNSOLVED MYSTERY: 9800GX2 + 24inch monitor = PROBLEM!!!!! HELP ME
  13. I have reverted back to windows xp 32 bit *sigh* which works fine although only with the analog cord.

    any help would be greatly appreciated on getting this monitor working in windows 7

  14. Hi,
    hm, probably a little bit late, but...

    I also had problem with 2443BW, after reading this thread, i did next steps and get 1920x1200

    i have asrock 780G-128gxe with HD3200
    go to Catalyst Control Center->MonitorProperties->Attributes
    change MonitorAttributes to:

    Uncheck !! Use Extended Display Identification Data (EDID) or driver defaults

    Set Maximum resoliution to
    1920x1200 at 60 Hz

    restart Catalyst, set 1920x1200 :) should work.
    If not i also changed
    CCC->DisplayOptions-> from Detect whenever.... to Use manual detection only( i must click the Detect Displays button)
    on the same page
    For diplays of limites resolution capabilites ->
    List all possible modes ( including panning modes)

    hope this will help

    Oleg Konovalov
  15. Has anyone tried uninstalling the monitor's drivers from device manager and using the basic ones in Windows?
  16. I finally got this to work on my monitor. Your mileage may vary.

    I fixed it by going to the Display Settings, then hitting Advanced Settings in the lower right corner. On the Monitor tab, I unchecked "Hide modes that this monitor cannot display". Then I hit OK, went back to display settings window and cranked it up to 1920x1200. It looks so much better than the 1440x900 it was stuck at before!
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