Q8200 - Gigabyte EP45-UD3R Mobo - Stock HSF

First, let me say that I appreciate, in advance, any replies to this thread. I am not an avid overclocker and most of you guys know more about hardware in your little pinky than my whole body so please pardon the ignorance factor. I will say I have searched the forums and while I did find some threads on point, some of the info in them went way over my head. I'm looking for some simple lay responses if possible.

Intel Q8200 Quad Core (stock HSF)
Gigabyte EP45-UD34 Mobo
nVidia GeForce 9800 GTX+
Smilodon Raidmax MidTower (2 120mm, 2 90mm)

My temps:

BIOS/Boot: 35C
Idle in Windows (at desktop): 50C (avg of the 4 cores) range is 48C-53C
Load (using Left4Dead full settings as my load): peaks around 75C or 76C but runs constantly between 70C and 76C

When I exit the load, the temp drops very quickly (back to idle temps within 30 secs) which makes me think the HSF is working. Also, yes I know stock HSFs are crap but honestly I'm not that concerned about bragging rights on my temps, I just want to make sure that I am not going to damage the processor. My real fear is that when my ambient room temp goes up (about 5 degrees as it will in the summer time) that my core temp will begin hitting 80C.

I cant seem to find common answers (for the lay man) to these questions. Can anyone offer any advice? While I don't mind getting an after factory HS and using arctic silver, I'd like to try and understand if I even really should care or not.

Again, sorry if this info exists but appreciate anyone's time if you do reply.

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  1. arthurcid Load (using Left4Dead full settings as my load): peaks around 75C or 76C but runs constantly between 70C and 76C

    your correct about cpu temps as far as stock heatsinks third party heatsink the copper base will give bettter temps.

    and yes all intel and amd heatsinks are junk. but they are not the only ones gpu junk.

    all of my heatsink cpu and gpu heatsink have to be third party. you will see a different in copper base products.
  2. yes, i know they suck. however, first, how much lower would a new one get me and second, if I keep running it with the stock one, what is the downside? it runs well (Heck, ive played L4D for 5 hours without a single glitch). If I'll eventually burn up the processor (dunno if that is true or not), im curious how long that might be. Also, does anyone know what the actual threshold/limit is? (meaning what is the temp at which the processor will shut down to protect itself?)
  3. arthurcid 10c to 20c better on a good heatsink with a copper base I believe.the stock will be ok just don't try overclocking with it.

    their are several thing you can do to get temps on cpu and the case air flow can also affect the cpu temps.one way I would check the cpu heatsink would be after load has Benn running for a while I would just put my figure on the cpu heat sink to check how hot it is.also the thermal on the heatsink I would replace with artic silver compound.
  4. I have the same CPU, q8200, and it runs around the same temps.

    I was looking for a third party HSF, but I don't know if they will fit, it says it fits socket 775, is that enough info to be sure it's going to work on my mobo?
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