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I just got done rebuilding my rig.
Specs; Q6600, MSI D45 mobo 8800GTS 320 (older GpU) running Vista 64. When I put in 4 gigs of OCZ RAM, system works fine. I tried to put in 8 gigs of Corsair XMS and the system won't post. Other forums have suggested checking the Dram voltage required. OK OCZ 1.8 and Corsair 1.9v. Go into Bios and set it to 1.9 and shutdown. Put in new RAM, same thing no POST. Do I need more voltage as I am using 4 sticks? Any other things I can try?

Thanks in advance
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  1. Yep, many times more sticks take slightly more voltage.
    Are the latencies the exact same on both?
    Is the BIOS setting them correctly, since 2 different brands of RAM, I doubt the BIOS can read/set them correctly.
    You know you broke rule #1 about buying RAM though, right?
    Never mix brands, speeds, or are almost guarenteed problems if you do.
  2. the new 8 gigs are all Corsair XMS 6400 bought at same time from same dealer, all I can hope for there. What other Bios settings are there besides voltage, looked like everything is on Auto. Will try the added voltages; Thanks for the help
  3. But you said above OCZ and Corsair, why would you say that if, oh well never mind.
    If they are all the same, then try upping the voltage, slowly.
    .01 volt at a time. I wouldn't go over .15 more than stock.
  4. Thanks JT. Got the voltage right and 8 gigs working. one other little thing was the 4th slot and the video card did not want to share the space so take took a little extra care.
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