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I recently borrowed a friends extra power supply to see if it could work with the above video card. However, I only see 1 PCI-E connector and the card recommends using two 75W PCI-E 2x3 connectors. My question is can I still use the power supply with only one PCI-E connector? If I can, will it work optimally? Power supply is a 550W LED Acrylic. Thanks in advance for the replies!
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  1. An acrylic PSU...sounds cheap.

    On the other hand, most video cards come with 6-pin PCI-e to IDE power adapters for this exact reason.

    *edit* 700th post, I'm an "old hand"!!
  2. The card comes with adapters that change the normal sata power supply (used for HDDs and dvd-roms) to 6 pin molex for the video card. Just use that. A good 500w supply is enough for the 4870. I don't know about this Acrylic.
  3. "550W LED Acrylic" makes me think Apevia. If it is Apevia or a similar cheap brand, it will melt or blow chunks when asked to provide more than 350W-375W.
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