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hi, i've been using this modem/router for a few weeks, shared by 3 of us. and i noticed that besides downloading stuff directly from a site which is reasonably fast (512/128), about 60k/s the most, but dowloading using bittorent is slow! it's less than 10k/s. very rarely it exceeds 10k/s, even if it exceeds, it's only 15k/s the most. and 1 of my friends told me that i have to do some "port forwarding" stuff??? in order to get a faster dl speed using bittorent. any1 out there knows what's the solution to my prob? pls help meeeee thx
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  1. download speeds are also affected by the connection speed your download the file from. You may have a dsl/cable connection but the person your getting the file from is only running say 56k.
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