So my 150g Raptor finally gave out after 4 years and I'm getting ready to send it away, did Advanced RMA and using their packaging materials to send it back.

What is a proper way to seal the ESD bag? Can I just use regular clear tape? WD seems real anal about packaging when sending stuff to them so I dont want to end up having them charge my CC because its not proper.

I wrote the RMA number on the sides of the box and put RMA Label on top, put the destination and my return address on there, am I missing anything else? Besides the HDD does anything else go in the box? Or is that all and Im good to go?

Also anyone ever get insurance when you send it away? Seems if the box is damaged in transit they will auto void the warranty.....
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  1. As far as the anti-static bag, any clear tape should do (practically that is; I can't guarantee their policy). Just make sure that you don't stick any to the drive.
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