Help my My Asrock mobo seems dead

i made a custom pc in summer Celeron D/C E1400 overclocked @ 2.4@Ghz,AsRock wolfdale1333 glan R2.0, 2GB Ram kingston ddr2 800,
xfx6800XT 128MB, nec optiarc ad-7200s, WD160GB ATA100,PSU ASUS ATLAS 450W, winxp leopard ubuntu
After i formatted whole disk with nlited version of xp rebooted and system is dead can't go to bios or boot up menu
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  1. ok but does anything show up on the monitor or is a a blank screen?

    if it is just a blank screen do the lights on the keyboard light up when you turn the tower on?
  2. sorry for the delay. today i replaced battery of motherboard, the memory with an kingston 512 ddr2 533,cleared CMOS ,unpluged hard disk and floppy but kept dvdrw. while booting kept pressing continuously F1, F2 and F11 and system finally got me into bios where i set default settings and rebooted hopefully i could boot Knoppix live cd.Yesterday it showed on the screen that recognized gpu,cpu,ram,dvdrw and disk and booting whas stopping there
    i will now try to plug the HDD

    thank you in advance man
  3. the real problem seems to be the hard disk. this device stops the system from booting. Maybe it passed away cuz sometimes i turned the pc off immediately from the PSU's button
  4. sounds like the culprit to me why would you do that anyway knowing what the consequences are? anyway is the hard drive making a clicking noise now?
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