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Hello, I just wanted to ask a question since I'm building a new rig. I've recently purchased an 8GB set of Corsair memory... ( ) by mistake since I didn't know that the x58 motherboards only run tripple channel. So my question is should I just sell the corsair and get a new type of memory? or would it be possible for me to just use 3 of the sticks and run it in tripple channel? ..... thanks in advance!!! :hello:
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  1. Yes, It should be possible.
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    a few choices - you could run all of them in dual channel (since the actual throughput difference is not that noticeable) or run 3 of the modules in triple channel and sell the remaining 1 or as you said or sell the kit and buy a new kit for triple channel.

    I'd probably try the 3 first and benchmark triple channel performance and then add the 4th module and rerun the benches to see if there was a noticeable difference while running dual channel and decide from there which alternative was best !
  3. yeah I think im going to try three of them first and then try to add the fourth one and see if it works... thanks!
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