PC or Xbox360?

Now i have just enough amount fund($300) to buy a xbox360, a gaming computer known all of us, for playing latest FPS like crysis, cod5.

But there is rumor that pc does a lot better than 360.

What i want to say is that for a gaming PC, we are familiar with many of its capacity or performance, we know MFLOPS, we know gpixel/s, gtangle/s, graphic card bandwith, etc. We can infer gaming performance from all these figures.

However we don't know how much abaility xbox360 have. All i know is that it can play CoD3, CoD4, even CoD5, F.E.A.R, CRYSIS, at an fixed 60FPS, which is the max FPS of xbox360.

So what should I choose? The situation is, Xbox360 have 60FPS of crysis of the 40" HDTV, while PC with 9800gt may only have 30FPS@24" LCD.

Sincerely, I beg for advice.
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  1. They don't make crysis for the xbox 360 and the only way it could pull 60 fps on the 360 if they did make it for it would be with all the settings on low, maybe not even then. Computers are much more powerful than consoles if you get the right hardware. PCs have always been better for first person shooters too, waaaaay better than consoles. Stick with the pc.
  2. Price/performance wise, it would be tough to beat a console like the 360; hell, most gaming PC probably have a video card that cost 300$ alone...

    But there is more than that to consider like the game availability (Crysis hasn't been released on any console) and the gaming experience itself (I am utterly unable to play any FPS using analog sticks).

    What I would suggest is for you to go to a videogame website like gamespot and take a look at the games for both the XBox360 and PC (or even PS3 if you want to) and see which one has the games that you would prefer and also check upcoming games.
  3. I am in favor of the PC as well. FPS games on the PC feel much better to me. I don't really like the controls on consoles either - I feel far more accurate on a PC w/ mouse and keyboard.

    I like consoles for when people are over to play games with me, but PCs for gaming more by myself with others over the internet.
  4. It really depends on what kind of games you want to play imo.

    PC: If you want to play World of Warcraft or any MMORPGs you can only do that on a PC (many are scheduled to come on console, but who knows when thats gonna be). Shooters have traditionally been better on the PC, but game companies are starting to catch on and make em much better for the consoles.

    xBox: Has more games than a PC. More gaming companies seem to be focusing on console games because of notorious piracy problems and technical issues (easier to code for a console for which you don't have to worry about which graphic cards to support, which driver and so on).

    So to sum it up, it depends on which games you really want to play.
  5. Quote:
    Xbox 360 has a 90 day warranty. You decide.
    It depends on where you live. In Quebec (Canada) thanks to the "Office de la Protection du Consommateur" (Consumer Protection Office), we have what we call a legal warranty; this grants us warranty "deemed acceptable" (really relative here) no matter the manufacturer's advertised warranty. You sometime have to go to court for this, but it shouldn't be tough to convince a judge that an XBox 360 should have at least a 1-2 years trouble-free life.
  6. For ease of use etc, A console cant be beaten. Having said that a PC is much more versatile in terms of what you can do with it besides gaming. In my view Consoles tend to dumb things down as far as game play goes, with set combinations of buttons gauranteed to effect a set outcome, while with a pc game you pretty much get given the controls and are left to work through on your own. Not all games do this but enough in my opinion to make it a deal breaker personally speaking. I cant get on with the controllers either.

  7. There really is no comparason. They are different types of machines. If you like playing with controlers only, then the 360 is for you. Realize that you won't be typing papers on it though. The 360 doesn't have all the functions of a computer. The computer, however, has all of the functions of a 360. Consols usually have more games for them. Games for consoles usually cost more.
  8. Yeah depends on your games. I have 2 computers and a 360. Hard to say what I use the most, depends what games are out.
    -If you like fps/sports games the 360 is better assuming you have a nice tv/home theater setup.
    -If you think strategy, mmo gaming it has to be the PC.

    While my PC delivers better graphics, the whole "gaming" experience on a 360 on your couch, infront of a big screen using only your rumble controller is awesome. Fallout 3 is like that, my pc version is almost physically painful to play after logging out of the 360 version...

    and no crysis on the 360, of course I don't own crysis as it's the single most poorly coded game in the history of mankind, but hey.

  9. PrangeWay said:
    of course I don't own crysis as it's the single most poorly coded game in the history of mankind
    I heard the PC version of GTA4 is quite a contender in that category.
  10. snmmsn said:

    But there is rumor that pc does a lot better than 360.

    Rumor? lol

    No, it's pretty much engraved in stone that a gaming PC that is up-to-date for 2008 will completely wtfpwn the 360. Not only that, but you much so much more funtionality as well.

    However, like others have mentioned, it really depends on how much you want to spend and what type of gamer you are. If you are casual, then I'd say get the 360. And by casual, I mean games that don't last more than 20+ hrs. For good roleplaying games, MMOs and the true multiplayer experience, the gaming PC knows no equal.
  11. What does this question have to do with graphics cards?

    Go ask in Games General Console gaming or Home-built sections.

    Console/PC threads will DIE here ! :pfff:
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